Ascot Royals would be delighted to hear from any swimmers wishing to further develop their skills and performance as part of a competitive swimming programme.

To assist those considering joining the club, some guidance notes are included below.

When can I join the club?

This may vary depending on the competency and aspirations of the swimmer, however the normal age to join a competitive swimming program is around 8 years of age. The minimum age that we will accept a swimmer into one of our squads is 7 years of age.

How do I join the club?

Ascot Royals offers trial sessions for swimmers looking to join the club. This enables swimmers to come and visit the club to experience the positive training environment and enables coaches to consider which squads would be most suitable to the swimmers needs.

Membership Fees

There are significant costs associated with the running of the club and to cover these costs members pay a fixed monthly fee. It is important to note that the cost of each squad may differ depending on the number of sessions that is available to a swimmer each week.

During holiday periods, session schedules may change but the monthly cost will remain the same.

There is typically a 3 week break during the summer holiday period.

A small annual fee is collected by the club and paid directly to Swim England for their Swim England Membership.

How are fees paid?

Parents are asked to pay their training fees via the Frogs & Friends app. This is available on IOS and Android devices.

New members will be informed as to which squad they need to join and a swimmer's parent will subscribe to the appropriate squad via the app.

Moving Squads

If a swimmer is asked to move to a different squad, the support office will cancel a swimmer's existing membership and start a new one that relates to the swimmer's new squad.

Once this is done the swimmer will automatically be visible on the coach’s register.

Membership Cancellation

A swimmer’s membership can be cancelled at any point but it is important to note that if a swimmer does decide to cancel their membership, their place will be offered to another swimmer on the waiting list. Should they decide to rejoin, they will be placed on the waiting list and will be allocated a space once a space becomes available in the relevant squad.